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A Minecraft DLC that is inspired by Lightyear by Pixar offers new content, including Buzz's original story. The most recent Minecraft blog post described the Lightyear DLC as a "blocky intergalactic adventure" which will include five missions. These missions allow players to fight off enemies using various tools, endure hostile environments, and fly various aircrafts to avoid obstacles. "In the Lightyear DLC, you'll can play through Buzz's origin story and help him navigate an alien world following a crash landing that was a disaster," a part of the post states. "You are able to play five missions as Buzz, a hero trained at the Academy, including an unfriendly swamp, a jungle, and mines, as well as various alien settlements."mcprofile The Lightyear DLC will also come with an exclusive Lightyear-themed Character Creator. It's currently not available on Nintendo Switch, but the blog stated that it would be soon.