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The point of this site is to provide a list of private servers and the clients and addons to go with them.I have no affiliation with r/wowservers or the servers listed below. This list is from r/wowservers and will be kept updated to match the original. All about private wow servers If you want a server added or removed from this list(not r/wowservers) please contact me at admin@wowservers.netThe site doesnt have an SSL cert at the moment but if that changes the idea is to open a forum to discuss private servers or just wow in general. Rules would be very lax and moderation would only be here to delete off topic/spam posts.DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HOSTING OR MAINTAINING ANYTHING FOUND ON THIS WEBSITE. THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THIS WEBSITE IS TO PROVIDE LINKS TO THOSE THAT ARE. TO LEGALLY USE THE THINGS FOUND ON THIS WEBSITE YOU MUST ALREADY OWN A COPY OF WORLD OF WARCRAFT. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. GRN ONLINE