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Minecraft allows you to build whatever you want. Need realtor can create anything, including working vehicles or a place in Final Fantasy XIV or the Up house. It's an amazing sandbox game that has freedom as its primary selling feature. Perhaps that's the reason it's one of the best ways to visit and explore the White House. Thanks to the impressive building capabilities of bubbaflubba2 from Reddit, you can now visit the White House. We don't know about you but this isn't something we'd ever do in real life. It's great to be able to wander around the impressive White House and the grounds at leisure. I decided to take an in-depth look. I even managed to Google the location of the oval office. This model is 1:1 scale and covers every room in the building. It can be a bit difficult to move around in due to the complexity of hallway tables, but it's a huge space. The outdoor space is also impressive. There are huge gardens to explore as well as a basketball court, and even a tiny swimming pool. If you are a fan of historical structures such as this one, it's enjoyable to soak it all in. There are some ambiguities as paintings and other things aren't always accurate. Probably. It is unlikely that there's a plethora of skull paintings in the White House, anyway. If all this sounds appealing then you'll be delighted to learn that you can also explore the White House by downloading the map below. If you've not downloaded a map before, then you can find all of the instructions you need here. While it's not difficult but finding the correct folder can be a challenge. The entire White House was rebuilt in Minecraft. Each room was recreated at 1:1 scale. This project took countless hours of building and research, and includes 6 floors, a bowling alley, movie theater, basketball court, nuclear proof bunker, chocolate shop, and tons of other rooms! It is a Minecraft-based project. Minecraft If you're more worried about the future than the present or past, you will be pleased to know that Minecraft now lets you play with goat horns. There are also some changes to how the allay mob and Warden work too.