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We have seen a rise in videogames that use in-game content creation as their primary mode. While there is a literature that has explored the various aspects of these games, one of the aspects that merits further study is the monetisation practices that are possible to observe in their environment. Through our ongoing ethnographic research we came across an active market for commissions in Minecraft's creative community. Our findings highlight the three principal players in this market: the customers, who own Minecraft servers; the contractors, who manage the clients' orders of Minecraft maps and the builders who are the ones responsible for the creation of said maps. Additionally, our research has revealed that the primary commodity at play is not the in-game content, as one might expect, but the process of creating this content. These findings show that Minecraft's current structure is influenced by commissioning - a well-organised process initiated and sustained by the game's community. Best minecraft servers gaming They also challenge the notion that the creation of content in gaming environments is free labor that is exploited only by the game's developers.