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Today we are delighted to be a part of The Trouble With Spells: The Witches and Warlocks Blog Tour . Premium ebooks We have begun reading the first book of this series by Lacey Weatherford and are hooked ! We welcome the fabulous Lacey Weatherford. The Magic of Romance What is it about romance that has the power to reach out and grab a reader’s heart and leave them sighing in a puddle of delight? Is there a chemistry, a secret formula if you will, that automatically triggers those emotions, sending us into sensory overload? It would be nice if there were such a formula, waiting for every writer to tap into it and produce a book of perfection, just waiting for readers to fall and swoon over incessantly. (Sign me up for that please!) It doesn’t work that way, unfortunately, but that’s okay because if we didn’t know the bad, we couldn’t adore the good. As a writer I have learned to write to please myself.