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Audiophiles love to have the best in audio and equipments. To please their ears, they are very particular about their equipment and music system. For audiophiles, a complete set of equipment is a must. That includes speakers, subwoofers, amps, head phones, bookshelf, computer, iPod stand, speakers etc.They love to experiment with different brands. This is their passion and part of their entertainment. They need all that they can get their hands on. To please their senses they always need high quality music equipment. bowers & wilkins 802 diamonds that is available for audiophiles are -Speakers and Head phones - They are the core component when it comes to music system. A complete set of music speaker and head phones is very essential. Other accessories also can be there along with these two. This provides maximum satisfaction to the music lover.Subwoofers and Attachments - Another essential equipment that is available along with the speaker is subwoofer. This provides superior sound quality. Some people have installed dual amplifier and subwoofer to increase the audio enjoyment. It also adds a dimension to your enjoyment. Other accessories like amplifiers, receivers and power units are available that increases the functionality of this equipement.Computer - It is one of the best accessories when it comes to music production. It enables you to produce high quality music files. It gives the capability to edit and mix songs. It enhances your creativity. It gives the right chords and rhythms.Computer is another important component when it comes to audio listening. It is a great help for those who love to create and edit their own music. You can also print the music if you have an audio printer.Headphones - It is important to have good headphones while listening to your favorite music. There are a lot of headphone models and brands available in the market. You can choose the headphone model according to the sound quality. Different types of headphones serve different purposes.When you are planning to buy the accessories for audiophiles, always keep in mind the purpose and characteristics. Do not go for cheap models as they might not fit your requirements. Go for the quality products so that you can enjoy the audio even when there is nobody with you. You can easily find the product from the local store or from the Internet. Always go for the branded items so that you do not face any problems in the long run.