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Biodynamic Gardening
Gardeners are often environmentalists. In Britain alone, there are over 15 million gardens, covering 2 million acres. With the average garden size being an eighth of an acre there are a lot of them about, so gardeners are an important group of people. Domestic gardens cover a combined area equal to the size of Suffolk and so constitute a significant area of the country's land mass. As such, they are increasingly being recognised as important havens for a wide variety of wildlife, many of which are under threat in the wider countryside. Wildlife, birds and insects who are part of the ecosystem to which you are guardian help you. Organic gardening is very popular and doing much to help sustain diversity and provide habitat as well as provide beauty and good food. Biodynamic gardening adds to this. Biodynamics is about enabling the whole of any ecosystem to function at its best using natural means to promote soil and plant health. All the biodynamic preparations are made with natural materials incorporating all the kingdoms of nature - mineral/soil, plant and animal. These preparations can be made by anybody who has learned the simple skills in their own 'back yard'. Consequently they are inexpensive and easy to use as well as extremely effective.
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