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plain paper and fabric company
At plain paper our product is handmade, and that element is important to us. We take the time to produce every piece of paper with anticipation, excitement, and care. Quality is important in a product and that is our main concern when making paper. So many variables take effect in the end, and a slight variation in one piece of paper can be intriguing and very beautiful. This freedom in the process is one of the reasons we enjoy making our paper. plain paper began in 1998, as a part of MLC, Ltd and is based in the heart of the Great Plains-Lincoln NE. Wanting very much to be our own boss and work from home, this mother/daughter operation has evolved from a dream into a reality thanks in part to the Internet. The main ingredient in our paper is recycled office paper or plant fiber. If our paper isn't all plant fiber then you will get plants as inclusions within the paper. We have also used junk mail, backyard plants, and sewing scraps, and we won't stop there. Each time we make paper there is always something else that we can add. After all the wonderful paper is made we go a little further and create stationery, books, and notecards. This isn't the only thing we do in our little basement studio - We use traditional tank marbling to create beautiful designs on paper and fabric.
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