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luoyan art black pottery
Shandong Luoyan black pottery workshop was set-up in 1997 by Ms.LuoYan,the vice chmaiman of the Black pottery Research Institution to develop and develop and design new black pottery articles. Ms. Luo Yan graduated form the China Crafts Dwpartment of China Central Academy of Fine Art.For many years she has been collecting the materials about blackpottery-manufacturing and has been doing some research on the Longshan Culture.her works and products have been exhibited at China Art Galley,Tianjin Art Museum,Shanghai Hanguang China Museum and Shandong Art Gallery.And many of her works were honored to be presend to the foreign guests and collected by some forign museum and collector.Luoyan Pottery are made from the special clay deposited at the lower reaches of the Yellow River. There are over 10 processes involved to make a pottery, all of which are 100% handmade. The whole process will take around one month and some of them will take several months. Luoyan Black Pottery products are vigorous in carving, classical and graceful in design. They look glistening black. When under different light and from different angles, their color change into black, purple, grey and blue, sparkling. A light knock will produce a pleasant sound. The product has pronounced national characteristics,and as well as it adds something form modern art in decoration,polishing,and coloring. The old-line contents and techniques, graceful designs, 100% hand-made process make the Black Pottery unique and elegant. It is a very good choice for gift and collection.
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